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Αναδευτήρας φριτέζας Tefal ActiFry Family Tefal Original
Αναδευτήρας φριτέζας Tefal ActiFry Family Tefal OriginalΑναδευτήρας φριτέζας Tefal ActiFry Family Tefal OriginalΑναδευτήρας φριτέζας Tefal ActiFry Family Tefal Original

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    Tefal actifry mixing paddle for TEFAL original

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    Tefal actifry mixing paddle for Tefal ActiFry Family Tefal Original

    AH900034/12A AH900015/12A AH900034/12C AH900034/12E AH900000/12A AH900000/12B AH900000/12C AH900000/12D AH900000/12E AH900000/12F AH900001/12A AH900001/12B AH900001/12C AH900001/12D AH900001/12E AH900002/12A AH900002/12B AH900002/12C AH900002/12D AH900002/12E AH900003/12A AH900015/12A AH900015/12B AH900015/12C AH900015/12D AH900015/12E AH900030/12A AH900030/12B AH900030/12C AH900030/12D AH900030/12E AH900031/12A AH900031/12B AH900031/12C AH900031/12D AH900031/12E AH900032/12A AH900032/12B AH900032/12C AH900032/12D AH900032/12E AH900033/12A AH900033/12B AH900033/12C AH900033/12D AH900033/12E AH900034/12B AH900034/12D AH900035/12A AH900035/12B AH900035/12C AH900035/12D AH900035/12E AH900036/12A AH900036/12B AH900036/12C AH900036/12D AH900036/12E AH900037/12A AH900037/12B AH900037/12C AH900037/12D AH900037/12E AH900038/12A AH900038/12B AH900038/12C AH900038/12D AH900038/12E AH900039/12A AH900039/12B AH900039/12C AH900039/12D AH900039/12E AH900070/12A AH900070/12B AH900070/12C AH900070/12D AH900070/12E AH900071/12A AH900071/12B AH900071/12C AH900071/12D AH900071/12E AH900072/12A AH900072/12B AH900072/12C AH900072/12D AH900072/12E AH900211/12A AH900211/12B AH900233/12A AH900233/12B AH900233/12C AH900240/12A AH900240/12B AW950000/12A AW950000/12B AW950000/12C AW950016/12A AW950016/12B AW950016/12C AW950017/12A AW950040/12A AW950040/12B AW950050/12A AW950050/12B AW950050/12C AW950050/12D AW950060/12A AW950066/12A AW950067/12A AW950B50/12A AW950B51/12A AW951000/12A AW952016/12A

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    Λαβή Κάδου Φριτέζας Tefal ActiFry Tefal original

    Tefal actifry mixing paddle for TEFAL original

    Price (With V.A.T.)20,07€
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